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A Trusted Cleaner | Weaver & Loom

Discover what it means to trust a qualified professional and to live with fine handmade carpets.

In the Spring 2018 issue of Rug Insider Magazine I authored an article titled: ‘Proper Care and Cleaning.’ The premise was and remains simple; to explore what it means when a rug dealer says a good quality handmade rug will last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. As a former dealer of rugs myself I know I have said this phrase, just as I know far too often no further detail is provided. To push further, what is one to do when one is told to have a rug or carpet cleaned by a reputable or trusted rug cleaner? What does it mean ‘a trusted rug cleaner’ and moreover, how does one even go about finding a trustworthy cleaner? To answer these questions and to provide a bit of detail as to what happens when a rug is cleaned I took the opportunity to document – with the assistance of my cleaner Weaver & Loom – the cleaning of one of my own rugs. This is what happened.

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Natural Dying Art Day at Creative Matters with The Ruggist | Image by The Ruggist

Art Day at Creative Matters

A field visit with Creative Matters to participate in the firm's Art Day creative process.

To avoid atë the firm implemented what has grown to become an ‘integral influence on the constant flow of creative design that emerges from the studio’ to quote Creative Matters. ‘Art Days’ allow the entire staff as a team, not just the designers, to immerse themselves in a technique or a subject matter in order to garner fresh and, as I came to discover, unexpected insight. By exploring various artistic techniques of photography, glassblowing, collage, and the like without a predestined use nor aesthetic, the firm is able to create a body of original artwork ‘from somewhere else’ some of which may be suited to an individual collection, others archived for potential use in future projects. The exploration of techniques foreign to some, familiar to others, fosters camaraderie and team building, while simultaneously fuelling the creativity of the firm. This is a brief look behind the creative curtain.

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Hand and Handle are both terms that can be used to describe the feel of a carpet. In 'Touch Me: The Hand(le) of Carpets' The Ruggist explores the meaning of both. | Image by The Ruggist.

Touch Me: The Hand(le) of Carpets

A discussion regarding how a carpet feels both to the touch and when grabbed; the hand and the handle.

How we choose to describe the texture and feel of rugs and carpets speaks volumes to what we most cherish and on first glance it would appear as though anything describable as smooth ranks highly amongst those things. Smooth as glass. Smooth as a baby’s bottom. Smooth as silk. Smooth as velvet, though rarely is the type of velvet mentioned. Each describes something as smooth – that is to say as relatively even and not rough, yet each of these various similes conveys important and subtle differences. Smooth as glass is certainly a desirable characteristic when describing a paint finish, but to describe a carpet, likely not. Carpets should be smooth like velvet! Yes, velvety smooth. Preferably linen velvet. That kind of velvet smoothness, or is it ‘chippy and brittle’? But what about other descriptions? ‘It’s like butta!’, shaggy, wispy, cloud like, durable, pliable, to name but a few. All of which describe what is known as the hand of the carpet and they invite the casual observer to ‘Come on now touch me!’ – quoting the Doors to convey the degree of sensuality carpets with exceptional hand possess.

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