All that glitters is not gold at AmericasMart.

The two images above were received by me as a registered attendee of NORS at AmericasMart. The gold jewelry photo is from an advertisement for a company at AmericasMart that is buying gold jewelry (6S-343B if you are interested), and the other is (obviously) for a company that turns photos into “paintings”. Prior to the merging of the gift and rug shows I did not receive such a wide range of advertisements, but now they seem to come daily in the weeks leading up to the show.

The take away message…
Ladies and gentlemen, rug dealers young and old, far and wide, if you value the long term success of your business, I implore you to read what I am about to write with earnest attention.
“Success is based on knowing your customer and catering to their needs. You can not however be all things to all people. If your customer is the type of person who purchases “paintings” made from photographs or sells gold jewelry indiscreetly at a trade show then by all means continue to attend and purchase rugs from AmericasMart. If on the other hand your customers would do neither of these things (or at least use such a high level of discretion as to afford them near perfect secrecy in doing so) then I suggest…” Well I think we know what I was going to suggest.
This is a time of great uncertainty as to where and in what form the next great rug market will be. Clearly, and in defense of AmericasMart, I think they know their customer quite well and are aggressively targeting them, but it is also clear that the truly upmarket rug (and by extension customer) is not to be found amongst their demographic.
It should be noted that no judgment as to the merits of the companies represented above has been made, only a brief discussion of their demographic, which is apparent in their advertising.
Thank you for reading.