Whose rug is that anyway?

This sunday marks the beginning of the New York International Carpet Show (NYICS) and the brand spanking new “The Rug Show” (more on this later) both of which predominately cater to the not from New York vendors, in addition to the New York/New Jersey showroom centred Metro Market Week. And the buzz this year is, dare I say, electric! Everyone seems to be quite excited and “The Ruggist” counts himself amongst those ready to see what everyone has to offer in response to that tired olde question: “Show me what is new?!”
So what is new? The Rug Show that’s what!
As you’ve no doubt heard by now there is a new trade show in town, aptly named “The Rug Show”. It is taking place over at the Javits Center and boasts an impressive list of exhibitors. Normally I would not be keen on there being two rugs shows going on at the same time, but this is a special case. Why you may undoubtably ask? Well first, the NYICS is sold out. That’s right, there is no more space to be rented, which for Dennis Dodds and everyone attending the show is marvelous! (Just like that Kiki I went to…) Secondly, I think it is great that the “September Rug Buying Period” is firmly entrenching itself in NYC. Do I wish that NYICS was bigger to accomodate more? Yes. Do I think the organizers behind “The Rug Show” did it solely because there was not space at the NYICS? No. As a moderate capitalist though, I say let the best, in all its arbitrary and relative meanings, show win. Let us also be frank, trekking over to the Javits from The Ruggist Triangle (Defined as the area between The Jane, The New York Design Center, and Flagship Kiehl’s Shoppe) will likely consume too much time and thus I may end up skiping it; who knows for sure. Besides, I’ve had a personal invite to the ORICA Building this year and though I suspect it might be a trap set for the persona non grata of “The Ruggist”, I might just go! In all seriousness though, if, unlike me, you will be in town for more than a day or two, please take in both shows, as the exhibitors at “The Rug Show” do make some spectacular rugs.
Tissage is also what is new. In fact, they are a first time exhibitor at the NYICS and unfortunately or fortunately, as the case may be, for them, they’ve already caught my eye and are receiving complimentary pre-show coverage of their introductory (to us) collection. Shall we indulge in a review of this rug? Let’s shall!
The rug shown below (image courtesy of the NYICS website) is from Tissage’s “Coral Collection 1” and allow me to be the first to say that I think the colour palate is simply stunning. The lovely silver toned grey field with white/cream accents sets a neutral mood for the rug which will allow it to serve as the foundation to many design schemes, whereas the copper/orange/rust hues complement the grey perfectly, following classic colour theory (if it is not broken, do not fix it). Furthermore, the rug is spot on with colour trends (Who is surprised? If you are you should not be.) as Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s colour for this year. The rug also continues the rug design trend of layering design elements of which I have a love/hate relationship. Love it because it produces some really striking designs, hate it because it seems that is what everyone (not actually everyone) is doing these days. Overall this rug, when examined in a design vacuum gets an B+ to an A-, but when examined in the rug world in which we live, it fairs far worse…. (cue ominous music). Won’t you join me, err us, for a brief detour before returning to the review? Thanks!
This rug, from the “Coral Collection 1” by first-time NYICS exhibitor TISSAGE.
Congratulations: You’ve got a protégé!
The final new thing we are going to discuss today is the exciting new announcement from the desk of “The Ruggist”. Drum roll please… (drum rolls over top of ominous music just don’t seem to work…) “The Ruggist” has created an ancillary Twitter account that will publish the unrated witty and sass filled comments that I don’t typically allow myself to say for a variety of (mostly) political reasons. What’s that you say? You don’t think I filter what I say? Au contraire as the French would say, I most definitely do (most of the time, unless it was that one time….). With that, I present: The Ruggler. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.” You just said. “Wasn’t that the name of the quasi anonymous Twitter account that sprung up “mysteriously” around the time of the Del Vecchio/Tamarian Affair (as I now refer to it)?” Indeed it is. And while I am 99.9995% sure I know who started the account back then, he or she had nothing to do with the name coming to be in my hands. As I was searching possible name ideas for my new protégé I thought to myself “I wonder what @theruggler (the old one) is up to?” Obviously not too much as lo and behold it was available for registration. Et voila! The Ruggler is now mine!
So here is the deal. @theruggist is me, Michael A.C. Christie. My newly revised goal is to have it reflect not only my expressed views on rugs and carpets, but to (as I’ve learned the best Twitter acounts do) shed a little light into my overall personality. I welcome you to follow me.
@theruggler on the other hand, is an anonymous to you account. Obviously I know who is creating the comments as it’s part of my new branding effort, but beyond that I am not currently planning on revealing who is providing the commentary. I will go even further to say that the comments don’t come from just one source, but they will add to the collective critique of the rug industry, and that they will be filtered/edited by me (for style and editorial approval). Finally, there won’t be personal attacks but there will be unrated and uncensored commentary about rugs. Got it? Good! So how about an example?
To best illustrate how we would handle a situation like the Tissage rug referenced above I will show you how both @theruggist and @theruggler would tweet about said rug.
The Classic Ruggist Logo
@theruggist says: This rug is highly derivative of the work of Amy Helfand, but with a more neutral/subtle palate. 
The New Ruggler for “The Ruggist” Logo
@theruggler says: Looks like a knockoff (that is a cross between Amy Helfand and Knots Rugs).
Now to be fair, I did take the time to contact Amy Helfand (who in the interest of full disclosure is a friend of mine, see you for lunch on Monday!! **kiss kiss** like they do in Montreal) to see if she was, by chance, the designer of this rug and she is, in fact, not. Clearly and without doubt the rug is derivative of her work as well as the work of Tania Johnson and Zoe Luyendijk, almost as if it were the bastard rug offspring of a sordid threeway rug love affair. (Please note: The Ruggist is not making any claims about anyone having an affair, this is solely for illustration.) I do not feel it is not as knockoff in the strictest sense per se, but I do hope the preexisting works of others (specifically the ones I point out) receive credit where credit is (likely) due. Returning then to the “grade” this rug receives, lets give it the A- if they acknowledge the influences, and a D- if they do not.
So with that, let us get well rested for our early morning Sunday flight and I look forward to seeing all of you at the show(s). I hope you enjoyed the reading. Thank you and goodbye.