Advertising Perspective

What is being sold isn't always what you're buying.

Have you ever taken a really close look at advertising, and in the process asked yourself: ‘What is the company trying to convey?’ Me too… , me too… . But this is not that per se, rather this is a conceptualization – of my own doing – which illustrates the point that advertising should sell you the product, not a fantasy world full of aspiration and faux reality. Shown here is one of my favourite things, the Picnic Lounge by Fatboy.

Fatboy Picnic Lounge shown in situ on the Crooked Creek covered bridge in the Caledonia Gorge Protected Wilderness Area. | Photograph by The Ruggist.

This first photo – while striking and attention grabbing – is worth a thousand words about how the person or persons soon to eat lunch here (Disclosure: It was me and my fiancé.) is an idiot with no regard for personal safety nor comfort.

Fatboy Picnic Lounge shown in situ adjacent to Crooked Creek in the Caledonia Gorge Protected Wilderness Area. | Image by The Ruggist.

The second – while not as revealing of the product – does more accurately portray how the Lounge is used. Spread luxuriously in a secluded location, a 4km hike into the forest, away from cellular reception, ready to host two for an intimate lunch while hiking; how inviting! Or so that was the plan.

Mosquitoes and seasonal Black Flies were also hungry for lunch however and unfortunately we were on the menu. Hence instead of a photograph of a perfectly styled lunch in the woods, we have one taken afar from the relative safety of the covered bridge. I guess I should have known better and should have just retreated to the beach. In fact, I have (and will again). You can read more about the Picnic Lounge in the article ‘Fatboy Picnic Lounge | At the Beach!!!’ That’s how I really use my Lounge.