New Era | Monologue

‘…the best carpets for a new era.’ What, pray tell, does this even mean?

Reflecting upon this moment in history, and moreover the demands it has placed on all of humanity, it has become clear we truly have little idea how to take care of ourselves. Yes, it is true we marginally know how to take care of some of it, but we unequivocally do not know how to take care of the disparate demands of society, civilization, and the individual. Look around with open eyes and that much is clear. Thus, for those who choose to work in the rug and carpet trade, there is – and perhaps there always was – a moral imperative to craft a luxurious product which respects not only the humans involved, but also the planet; the two are inextricably intertwined.

That is what ‘best carpets’ means. Those which respect both humans and the earth.

En masse, this will require new manners of distribution, new methods of production, new concepts of wealth, and new ideas about aesthetics and luxury. It will require treating workers of all levels equitably, and it must all be done so in a manner compatible with the needs of the planet and the environment. Simply put, no longer can we exploit impoverished workers to make a beautiful carpet that will simply be discarded at the whims of so-called fashionable society. So for those of you making and selling carpets which can be composted and returned to the earth, or are designed, crafted, and disposed of in accordance with the principles of circular design, I offer commendations, for you are leading the way. For the rest of you, particularly those firms making plastic rugs – cheap, expensive, or otherwise – whose only destiny is a landfill, or those making tufted (or any) rugs which cannot be readily deconstructed and recycled, or those feigning deference to the demands of customers, I say simply this, ‘Rethink what you are doing. You’re killing this planet in the name of vanity.’