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In addition to writing commentary on the handmade and broader decorative area rug industry, The Ruggist and/or Michael A.C. Christie dabbles in projects – paid, pro bono, or otherwise – which pique his interest. This includes but is not limited to paid presentations, tours, marketing and advertising, product development, and the like. If you’re looking for rug industry specific expertise and don’t mind an opinionated person, feel free to contact The Ruggist to see if your idea or project is something of interest.

‘For the love of Carpets!’ replaced the now former tagline ‘The most opinionated and up to the moment, irreverent commentary, news, and ephemera (with occasional levity) on the world of rugs.’ in May of 2017 as a reflection of the evolved – more professional – state of The Ruggist. The latter listed tagline was not intended and shall not be construed to be literally literal in nature, but still accurately reflects the tone of my writing. Like much of The Ruggist, the content is self referential in its irreverence and is intended to provide you, our dear reader, with opinionated and editorial insight into the rug and carpet industry, while keeping the mood relatively light, unless otherwise warranted.

The Ruggist originally began on a lark in the Summer of 2008 to busy otherwise idle hands and disseminate the opinions of Michael A.C. Christie in a soapboxeque format. In 2015 The Ruggist transitioned from a priority hobby (remember: low is a priority) to a more structured format additionally incorporating relevant, news, editorial, and op-ed features. In April of 2016 we entered the 21st Century with a fully up-to-date aesthetic. Thusly remade, The Ruggist is the premier source for all the news, opinion, ephemera, irreverent commentary, and related to the ‘The World of Rugs’. The Ruggist operates on a variable publishing schedule as content worthy of note becomes available.

The Ruggist uses cookies and state of the moment tracking technology to analyze how those who choose to those visit The Ruggist, engage with The Ruggist on social media, or subscribe to our mailing list, utilize our services. This is how readers of The Ruggist contribute to – that is to say bluntly ‘pay for’ – their portion of the operation of The Ruggist. The privacy of our readers is important to us and we do not share identifiable personal information with outsiders, nor do we make our mailing list available for sale or rent.

We use this data for marketing purposes, and may share anonymized metadata with our advertisers, potential or otherwise. Exemplum gratia: How long visitors to The Ruggist stay on a page. This allows our advertisers to gauge the efficacy of their paid or in kind advertisements, so they too may contribute – through their advertising dollars – to the operation of The Ruggist.

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It’s rather informal around here, but please be advised of the following, just like Rufus Wainwright sings: These are just the rules and regulations. Please observe the following when visiting or posting comments to The Ruggist.

The rules and regulations of The Ruggist are not subject to debate, nor are they necessarily fair and equitable, nor is this list complete or fully inclusive. The rules, as detailed herein, serve only as a rough guide, with The Ruggist reserving the right to enact change (at his sole discretion) with or without notice, whether or not said change is apparent to you, our dear reader.

  1. You may post comments but they shall not be anonymous. All comments are moderated to ensure they conform to the arbitrary and unpublished standards of The Ruggist. Comments may or may not be published, though they may be integrated into future publish work of The Ruggist, with or without attributed credit. By submitting comments you agree to these terms and waive both copyright and claim of copyright, as well as any moral rights for your submissions.
  2. No hate speech of any kind toward anyone group or class of citizenry for any reason will be accepted or tolerated, and will be reported to the proper authorities if warranted.
  3. Minimize the use of profanity and curse words, though perfectly acceptable when deemed appropriate.
  4. If you permalink to The Ruggist, please credit appropriately in your hyperlink as: The Ruggist.

As a reader and consumer of The Ruggist, you should be made aware that The Ruggist either as its own entity or in conjunction with its creator Michael A.C. Christie both jointly and potentially severally may engage in activities that could give rise to conflicts of interest, real, potential, perceived or otherwise. When such situations occur, and in the interest of journalistic integrity and transparency, The Ruggist will specifically note such a conflict exists, either by explicate statement in the feature article, or as a blanket statement in this section of The Ruggist particularly when such conflicts are of a standing nature. Furthermore, the nature of the conflict will be detailed as to provide you, our dear reader, with a full scope of the situation.

As of the date this page was last changed The Ruggist and/or Michael A.C. Christie currently accepts paid consulting and/or writing work from:

  • Rug Insider and | Editing and writing, social media management.
  • Speaking engagements presenting: ‘For the love of Carpets!’

Ongoing or recurring interactions of potential conflict:

  • Advertisers on The Ruggist provide income in exchange for advertisement placement. Advertising placement on The Ruggist does not ‘buy’ an entity editorial coverage, yet do not discount the benefits advertising and support can have on a professional relationship and editorial research.
  • Jan Kath’s ‘A Family Affair’ | The firm has provided The Ruggist intra-Europe travel, meals, and accommodations, since the event’s inception.
  • DOMOTEX | Since 2016 the fair has provided a travel stipend in exchange for unrestricted media coverage.
  • Label STEP | ‘Nepal Carpet Magazine’ rework project in conjunction with the Nepali Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

Furthermore, The Ruggist provides in-kind advertising and promotional support to:

  • GoodWeave International | Complimentary advertisement.

Prior to April of 2018 The Ruggist and/or Michael A.C. Christie formerly accepted paid consulting and/or writing work from:

  • Robin Gray Design | Business development consulting.
  • Interior Resources | Business development consulting.
  • Amy Helfand | Business development consulting.
  • GoodWeave International | Business development consulting.
  • COVER | Irregular contributor.
  • HALI | Irregular contributor.
  • Label STEP | Copy writing/revision, social media management, and newsletters.
  • Yerra Rugs | Newsletter copy writing.
  • Modern Roots | Business development consulting.
  • Custom Cool | Business development consulting.
  • Reuber Henning | Business development consulting.
  • Kristiina Lassus | Copy writing/revision.
  • Alternative Technology | Travel and logistical assistance, presentation of prototype ‘For the Love of Carpets!’
  • Rug Insider Magazine | Contract marketing writing and contributor.

Prior to November 2007, The Ruggist and/or Michael A.C. Christie was formerly employed by:

  • Lapchi | December 2005-November 2007, Director Atelier Concept
  • Classic Oriental Rugs | January 2001-November 2005, Manager and sales. Notable brands represented included: Odegard, Lapchi, Noo Noo Rugs, and Nourison.
  • Oriental Rug World | February 2006 – December 2000, Manager and sales. Notable brands represented included: Masterlooms, Bashian, Kalaty, Nourison, Louis de Poortere, Stanton, and Oriental Weavers.

Finally, my former enterprise ‘Red Spruce’ (2008-2015) – which produced high-quality Canadian made woollen hooked rugs and attempted Indian made versions thereof – was not a commercial success. While it enjoyed a degree of critical acclaim, the business failed. I owe financial debts as well as those of gratitude to those who worked with and supported me during that endeavour and if – by chance – rumours exist related to this matter I only hope they are both true and accurate.

This page was last changed on: 26 July 2018 by Michael A.C. Christie.