Op-Ed Submission Guidelines

In May 2016 The Ruggist began featuring Op-Ed Articles both by invitation and more importantly by unsolicited submission. In the interest of presenting a wide-ranging and erudite overall viewpoint, The Ruggist welcomes submissions which discuss important, controversial, entertaining, and otherwise, topics related to the rug and carpet industry, and possibly design in general.

Submissions should be no less than seven-hundred fifty (750) words, be opinionated or editorialized, and be accompanied by at least two (2) photographs of at least 2048px in width. You may discuss any topic at your leisure so long as it pertains to rugs, carpets, the rug and carpet industry, and/or design in general. Just like The Ruggist’s personal disdain for the so-called anti-vaccine crowd, arguments not supported by fact against objective matters will not be accepted. On the other hand, since much of design is highly subjective and very debatable we welcome lively and assertive discussion of subjective matters.

The Ruggist and/or Michael A.C. Christie reserve the right to accept or reject Op-Ed Articles for publication at its/his sole discretion.

Your article shall not have been published elsewhere, and by submitting your Op-Ed Article to The Ruggist, you grant The Ruggist, and/or Michael A.C. Christie an exclusive, irrevocable, twenty-one (21) year worldwide royalty-free license to distribute your Article, in whole or in part, via any technology now known or later developed. Emailing your article to op-ed@theruggist.com constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

Thank you for considering submitting to The Ruggist and I, like everyone else, look forward to reading what you have to say (for once).