Warholian Kush | Vinyl - A renaissance. The Ruggist.

Warholian Kush | Vinyl

Warholian Kush explores a vinyl renaissance of sorts as the iconic LP becomes inspiration for rug.

Please forgive the liberties taken in the operatic title of this article; given the nature of both the rug design and its originating impetus, it seemed only appropriate to adopt a whimsical, more musical styling if you will. ‘A Vinyl Renaissance’ sounds as though it could be the debut album from the uber cool band you’ve never heard of: ‘Warholian Kush’. And so it should be. Hailing from the utopian hipster paradise of Portland, Oregon the ‘Vinyl’ series of rugs from Brian Robins of Kush Handmade Rugs has not yet – to my knowledge – made it to the big times, though perhaps that will now change. Ladies and Gentleman, without further ado an ode to different times: ‘Vinyl.’

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