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A Trusted Cleaner | Weaver & Loom

Discover what it means to trust a qualified professional and to live with fine handmade carpets.

In the Spring 2018 issue of Rug Insider Magazine I authored an article titled: ‘Proper Care and Cleaning.’ The premise was and remains simple; to explore what it means when a rug dealer says a good quality handmade rug will last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. As a former dealer of rugs myself I know I have said this phrase, just as I know far too often no further detail is provided. To push further, what is one to do when one is told to have a rug or carpet cleaned by a reputable or trusted rug cleaner? What does it mean ‘a trusted rug cleaner’ and moreover, how does one even go about finding a trustworthy cleaner? To answer these questions and to provide a bit of detail as to what happens when a rug is cleaned I took the opportunity to document – with the assistance of my cleaner Weaver & Loom – the cleaning of one of my own rugs. This is what happened.

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