Production Consulting
Production Consulting

Experience based counsel and assistance manufacturing carpets in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Weaving Demonstrations
Weaving Demonstrations

Interactive and insightful demonstrations of the ancient craft of handknotted carpet weaving.

Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements

Conversational presentations with contrarian themes and a deference to craftsmanship.

Editorial Writing
Editorial Writing

Provocative, often irreverent, honest critique and editorial commentary.

Michael A.C. Christie

Also known as 'The Ruggist,’ Michael Christie is a well-known figure in the world of handmade rugs and carpets. He is an influential writer, blogger, consultant, and advocate for the handknotted and handmade rug and carpet industry.
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Contact Me!

Please feel free to contact me via the method with which you are most comfortable, but know I prefer to conduct the majority of business, communication, et cetera, either in person or via email, telephone, or video call.
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Materials Matter | Monologue

Yes! Things made of wool can and often do exhibit the beneficial properties of wool. But it is also the case that when we gloss over the materiality of wool - which is to say the specifics of its processing - in favour of the simpler explanation, ‘It’s wool,’ we lose our connection to tangible differences between materials. Read More "Materials Matter | Monologue"

Time | Monologue

Carpets have soul because someone, somewhere, imbued a carpet with it by trading away a portion of their time in existence. The most aesthetically and technically laudable handknotted carpets have soul, simply because they - like wisdom - take time to develop. Read More "Time | Monologue"

The Nature of Weaving | Monolgue

But handweaving, including the handknotting of rugs and carpets is not the predominant means civilization employs weaving to the benefit of humanity; handwërk such as this has, since at least the first industrial revolution, been largely supplanted by mechanized and automated means of weaving. Read More "The Nature of Weaving | Monolgue"

That was then; this is now!

Begun as a lark in the summer of 2008 the website of ‘The Ruggist’ has had many iterations. First as highly irreverent blog, then as a professional website for insightful commentary about rugs and carpets; penultimately it languished as a reflection of times past. If you’ve come looking for past articles, they can be found in the Archive section; however please note they are no longer updated nor maintained and many are out of date.

What you find here today is a more accurate reflection of not only me, Michael Christie the man behind the nom de plume of The Ruggist, but also my passion for forward looking modernistic views on the handknotted and handmade rug and carpet trade. Through various services such as Production Consulting, Weaving Demonstrations, Editorial Writing, and Speaking Engagements I work to more directly connect carpetry* to consumer while fostering an appreciation of handwërk in the 21st century.