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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

I Prefer the Written Word, But… .

I find the measured and carefully dissected nature of the written word to be more comfortable owing to its ability to be finessed, zhuzhed, and made just so; or as much as something can be made just so, which is to say ‘perfect,’ considering le bon Dieu est dans le détail. And, no matter how persnickety one might profess to be, errors in the written word persist. Likewise, this is the joy in which we relish when we speak; perhaps we mis-speak, or say something inadvertently incorrect, or use a colloquialism instead of something more standard usage, and thus perhaps more clear to the listener. Betwixt the two, we come to understand one another, to share our insight, our perspectives, our stories in an effort to broaden mutual understanding and foster, or is that foment, change and progress.

If you feel your showroom, trade fair, private meeting, or the like could benefit from a prepared presentation tailored to your unique circumstances, please contact me so we can discuss your needs.

Most recent Speaking Engagements

Through individual conversation, in panel discussions, or on stage expressing opinion and viewpoints, my passion for beautifully designed and exceptionally well crafted handknotted rugs and carpets stands proud. Whether discussing drawing and aesthetics in a presentation titled For the Love of Carpets, or discussing the impact of automation on the appreciation and value of handwërk* in the modern era in a presentation titled Weavers are (K)not Robots, or opining that Luxury Carpets Must be Sustainable, or lamenting the circular nature of success and failure in the carpetry trade in (K)not Again, I specialize in thought provoking speeches and presentations intended to be constructive, if not also contrarian, critiques of the rug and carpet industry. As catalyst for change we must acknowledge the good and the bad, the benefits and the faults, of all that we do; this is why we communicate and trade information.

As examples of what to expect from The Ruggist, please enjoy the following selection of recent past presentations.

NCMEA Annual
Meeting 2023

These extemporaneous remarks were originally delivered to honoured guests, attendees, and the Executive Committee of the Nepal Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters’ Association (NCMEA) during the organization’s annual meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal on Wednesday, 29 March 2023. They have been automatically transcribed by artificial intelligence and lightly edited for syntax and clarity.

The work of all of you, the work of the weavers here. That’s what really makes amazing carpets.

Read the full text here.

Luxury Carpets Must be Sustainable

These prepared remarks were originally presented to attendees of DOMOTEX during the annual rug and carpet trade fair hosted in Hannover, Germany on Friday, 13 January 2023.

To be luxurious is to have that which one does not need, rather what one wants. To be sustainable is to act in a manner in harmony with the needs of the environment and humanity.

Read the full text here.

Weavers are
(K)not Robots

These prepared remarks were originally presented to attendees of DOMOTEX during the annual rug and carpet trade fair hosted in Hannover, Germany on Thursday, 12 January 2023.

Said another way, make only by hand that which cannot be made by machine.

Read the full text here.

(K)not Again!

These prepared remarks were originally presented to the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) during Rug-A-Paloosa at the world-class cleaning and rug repair facility of Robert Mann Rugs in Denver, Colorado, United States on Thursday, 3 November 2022.

Historically this has been remedied, such as it was, by shifting production from one more developed country, to another less developed country. There will come a time, when this is no longer possible.

Read the full text here.