The Ruggist
Production Consulting

Production Consulting

Whether looking to produce a singular work for your private residence, create licensed collections, or enter into regular trade with a maker. I specialize in liaising between designer and maker, to ensure the rug you want to make is the rug you receive. But this is not a one size fit all approach, nor is it about directing business to any one maker; rather, it is about matching ornamentation with proper form, translating conceptual drawing into three-dimension textile sculpture. In short, the goal is for your vision to be realized to your haute satisfaction. For enquiries regarding Singular Works, Licensed Collections, or Establishing Trade, please contact me via your preferred choice of available options.

Singular Works

From one design professional to another, I offer the ability to produce single edition fully bespoke Tibetan weave rugs and carpets. Perfect in instances when you are both capable of discerning between nuänced qualities of handwerk and are likewise completely disinterested – at least initially – at making repeatedly or designing a collection. Perfect when you have a vision for a singular tapestry or carpet to complete your private residence or pied-à-terre.

In these instances I most often work through Euta Weaving, a collaborative effort between myself as experimental weaver in partnership with trusted, capable firms in Kathmandu, Nepal, as makers.

Licensed Collections

You’ve had a creative vision to produce a line of carpets ever since you first watched The Big Lebowski and are finally ready to see them come to life, but you also have zero-interest in the daily running of a rug company. Et voilá! Consider licensing your work to a new generation of Nepali Makers and Manufacturers who seek to establish themselves as the known brand, as they themselves are no longer content to be just the ‘unknown workshop or mill’ behind so many of the widely known Western brands. These makers see a more transparent global appreciation of handicract and handwerk in the future; one which resonates with the capabilities and wants of this era, and frankly, with that of emerging consumer demographics as well. Changing circumstances necessitate new ways of doing business.

My intent is to connect you with a maker who can not only successfully realize your vision, but also has the intent and capabilities to market your designs for sale in large global markets. Various licensing options exist depending on the collection and ultimate construction. Design for hire – sold collections – are also an option.

In instances such as these, I liaise with a variety of makers to best match style and form, as well as disposition of copyright – licensed or sold.

Establishing Trade

For situations in which you are seeking to establish a long-term ongoing business relationship with a maker and potential partner, I am happy to facilitate introductions to various makers, manufacturers, and exporters; again matching aesthetics and competencies to ensure best results. My role can be as simple as matchmaker, it likewise can be as consulting liaison; that is for you to decide.

In these cases, I offer introductions either via email, or in person during a dedicated purchasing trip – private or small group – in Kathmandu, Nepal.