VOTE! Crossed vs. Uncrossed **UPDATE**

Just a quick update this morning. The Poll of my blog readers on the importance of crossed versus uncrossed weaving closed this morning and the results are:
Of the thirteen (13) blog readers who voted, seven (7) voted “Yes, it is important” for fifty-three (53%) percent of the vote, followed by “No, Customers don’t care” with three (3) votes, and twenty-three (23%) percent of the vote, then “undecided” with two (2) votes, fifteen (15%) percent, with the balance going to “just found out”. So, what does this mean to me?
1) Voter turnout is low. Only nineteen (19%) percent or so of blog readers voted. Let’s hope more people vote in the upcoming fall election. N.B. – No information is recorded about the voters or your vote, merely a tally is taken. Anonymity is assured. In case anyone was wondering.
2) It seems most everyone has at least heard of the topic, ninety-three (93%), thanks I am sure in no small part to John Kurtz, who I know is quite passionate about crossed weaving.
3) The majority, fifty-three (53%) percent, say “YES!” the difference between crossed and uncrossed weaving is important. If this was a board or committee we’d have our decision.
My readers have spoken, the difference is important, and we should all make sure everyone knows of the difference. If you don’t like the vote, remember, your complaints lack credibility if you didn’t vote. Vote in the next poll (starting in a few minutes!) and definitely vote in November.