When summer ends.

When I logged in to write this entry, I noticed that Google wanted me to know that my last post was on August 12, 2008. August 12th!! I thought, surely it was not that long ago, but alas, it was. I want to apologize to all my avid readers for the lack of new content the last two (2) weeks, yet I am afraid that just as I’ve not posted, my readers have not been visiting. This is the dilemma of summer. So as I am writing this entry, oddly on a day that I should not be “working”, I could join the chorus of those lamenting the passing of another summer (although we all know summer goes about three (3) more weeks), but instead I’ve decided to celebrate the approaching Autumn and reflect on what summer means to me and – of course – in my opinion, to the world of rugs.
In my travels and conversations with rug dealers, we’ve all anecdotally  complained about how summer is slow (although not always factually correct) and how clients, designers, the weather, vacation, the approaching school year, school shopping, et cetera and so on is the reason things are slow. Whatever the excuse, the reason is simple.
It is summer!
For those of us who live in climates with four (4) seasons, summer is the reason we endure winter. Just as no-one I know wants to work in summer, none of our clients want to either, and it is impossible to blame them. Warm air, dinner and drinks on patios, and beaches are all preferable to spending an afternoon indoors shopping for a rug or carpet. The carpet will still be there in September, October, November…. yet for most of us, the warm air will not. I think we should be more acutely aware of this situation and take full advantage of it.
I have formerly stated we should “shut down in august” but of course, unless everyone shut down, we would all be worried about the one (1) guy out there trying to get the sale while the rest of us are on the beach. I do now think however, that we could get by just as well with drastically reduced hours for August. Personally, I’ve managed not to work too terribly much this August (a couple hours a day, which is a benefit of setting your own schedule), and with a little luck next year will be the same. As I look toward September though, things are looking quite brisk!!!
The NYICS and Metro Market Week are quickly approaching and I am looking forward to seeing what’s new and hot in the world of rugs. I’ve heard the new Sahar carpets by Haynes Robinson are stunning, and expect to see more great things out of Kooches. Halvai is now open in Soho, and after seeing the unfinished space in May, I am excited to see how it all turned out.
It will be good to see familiar friends and meet new people. If you don’t know me and will be in NYC for the show, say hi! I’ll be the one in green blazer.
P.S. – Yes this post is rambling. But I’m still enjoying summer, until September 22!