Antonio Santin – Under the Rug
Antonio Santin – Under the Rug

Antonio Santin – Under the Rug

Some things are better left unsaid; swept under the rug as it were. Throughout our lives there are many times when we would rather not speak about uncomfortable, impolite, or potentially caustic and damaging subjects. The world of rugs is of course no exception with our own skeletons lurking in the closet, and as these words scroll across the screen before you, might you begin to wonder if The Ruggist is going to drop some enormous bombshell of juicy and intellectually titillating information onto the internet? Is this going to be the Pentagon Papers moment of our industry? Hahahah. No it is not, but it is a moment to reflect about rugs, art, and things best left out of sight and out of mind. Presented with limited commentary as capital ‘A’ art should be, the oil paintings of Antonio Santin.
‘Dystopian Blues’ by Antonio Santin
Is it a corpse? And how are we to know? Does the object underneath even exist or are we to believe it exists because of our past experience? Perhaps the carpet is but merely wrinkled. Ask what the famed Canadian Painter Mary Pratt had to say about her painting ‘Christmas Turkey’. Does the turkey exist?

‘Christmas Turkey’ by Mary Pratt
Mary Pratt is reknown for her ability to paint light and viewing the images of her work online is sadly only representative. To stand before her work and marvel at the photorealism will leave you almost speechless. Why paint what could have just been easily photographed? Because we can. Perhaps my views on photorealism in rugs and carpets have been to harsh. Nah. There is a difference in ‘because we can’, and ‘because we can well’ and sadly much of what we’ve seen in rugs is in the former, whereas what we crave is in the later.
‘Bonita’ by Antonio Santin
Does Mr. Santin feel as Ms. Pratt does that in order to paint a Turker Dinner one must first roast a Turkey? In order to paint a body/corpse under a rug does one first need a rug and body? Morbid reality or fantasy?
‘Magma’ by Antonio Santin
If it weren’t for the presumably heavy carpet draped on top, the person underneath this rug looks rather calm and relaxed to me. Hmm. Relaxing, I’m going to head to the beach and use my blanket. I hope you’ve enjoyed this small sampling of Mr. Santin’s work as much as I have.