Metro Market Week Summary  – Part 2
Metro Market Week Summary – Part 2

Metro Market Week Summary – Part 2

Metro Market Week is quickly becoming a fleeting memory in everyone’s mind, and so before too much time has passed, I am posting the second instalment of my Metro Market Week Summary. 
But before I do though, I want to take a moment…
***Begin off topic Commentary***
I write about the world of rugs as it is something about which I feel passionately. My criticism and praise are directed appropriately and are my perceptions of the things I see. Some may say I do not have standing to comment, and I will leave that for my readers to decide. In short you can’t please everyone, and if I was, this blog would be awfully boring. Enjoy!
***End off topic Commentary***
Returning to New York’s Metro Market Week, there are a few other things I feel are worth a mention. Once again, The Good, The Bad, and The Miscellanea, although fewer of them.
The Good
ORIA and ORICA Members – As a newly registered company for Metro Market Week, my business, nungester christie carpets, received no less than ten (10) different postcards and invitations to see new product introductions from companies I had no prior relationship with. Hats off to companies seeing a lead and working it, regardless of the potential outcome. 
Odegard – I must say, with my appreciation of Odegard carpets noted, that they continue to produce great carpets. Of particular note was a stunning geometric design, named Tile (I think) that was hanging in the showroom. Beautiful colour palate (one my close friends would describe as “it looks like something you would like”)! Alas, I did not order one. My home has enough, it would look like a showroom soon, which no-one should have.
Rahmanan Antique and Decorative Rugs – Thanks go to gracious Ramin and lovely Renata for taking time to show me their collection of antique hooked rugs and the carpets of the New England Collection which they produce. 
Everyone – Continued evolution, change, and innovation in design and colour. The selection for consumers has never been better, and each year seems to improve.
The Doughnut Plant – Slightly off topic, but if you want a good doughnut, take a trip down to the Lower East Side/Korea Town and pick up one of these doughnuts. Go early as they sell out. You won’t be disappointed.
The Bad
The Economy – Talk about poor timing. Regardless of the target demographic of your product line, be it low end or high end, we must all remember one thing. Rugs and carpets are not necessities, nor are they necessarily true luxuries, rather, what I call a want. Let’s hope people still want carpets.
The Ruggist (Michael Christie) – For those of you who know me well, you will know that for about the past year I have attempted to sell carpets here in Nova Scotia through designers and in co-operation with a design supply house. Under this venture, nungester christie carpets, I registered to attend Metro Market Week, and of course, many vendors, sensing fresh markets, wanted to set appointments. I offer my apologies to the one with whom I set an appointment, then failed to show. Mansour Rahmanan, I am sorry for not coming by your showroom for my appointment.
The Miscellanea
I have been known to openly admit to not always following my own advise, especially when it comes to graphics and graphic design. In an open note to the world of rugs, lets all try and improve the look of our marketing materials shall we?