Intrinsic Value | Monologue

It’s a check, plain and simple; or is it… …simple? With its delightful colouration, this interpretation of a classic motif brings together myriad cultures, techniques, and materials into beautiful form. Called ‘Shomick’ by Odegard Carpets when the firm first introduced their version of the design to Western eyes, the checkerboard is a motif well known not only within Tibetan weaving communities from which the design was then ‘adapted,’ but also the world over; in short, it’s ubiquitous.

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In Consideration of Copyright - The Ruggist

In Consideration of Copyright

An essay on the importance of perspective in examining originators, copyists, and derivatists.

In the 1999 film ‘Dogma’ Salma Hayek plays ‘Serendipity’. Not simply a woman whose name happens to be Serendipity, but rather she plays the physical embodiment of serendipity itself, which is to say she is the ‘chance’ which brings about the occurrence and development of events in a happy or beneficial way.  Except of course, there is no chance. While those without divinity perceive their interactions as random, or due to fate, or karma, or what have you, from the perspective of Serendipity, it is her will which causes events to happen as they do; for her the future is not fully unknown nor fully manifest rather its exists as any one of an endless number of permutations based upon her direct actions. In many ways the creation and success of a supposedly new rug or carpet design is a result of serendipity with the artist or designer creating something perceived as new as a result of the careful and equally serendipitous or Serendipitous work of those who have come before.

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Use a Trusted Cleaner - Weaver and Loom - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Odegard Tile - The Ruggist

A Trusted Cleaner | Weaver & Loom

Discover what it means to trust a qualified professional and to live with fine handmade carpets.

In the Spring 2018 issue of Rug Insider Magazine I authored an article titled: ‘Proper Care and Cleaning.’ The premise was and remains simple; to explore what it means when a rug dealer says a good quality handmade rug will last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. As a former dealer of rugs myself I know I have said this phrase, just as I know far too often no further detail is provided. To push further, what is one to do when one is told to have a rug or carpet cleaned by a reputable or trusted rug cleaner? What does it mean ‘a trusted rug cleaner’ and moreover, how does one even go about finding a trustworthy cleaner? To answer these questions and to provide a bit of detail as to what happens when a rug is cleaned I took the opportunity to document – with the assistance of my cleaner Weaver & Loom – the cleaning of one of my own rugs. This is what happened.

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On Collecting Rugs | The Ruggist

On Collecting Rugs and Carpets

A look into the mindset of a fledgling collector and the importance of 'What is it?'

Just over a year ago in June of 2016 I was on holidays visiting with family in Ohio, taking in the magnificent Royal Persian Tent of Muhammad Shah, and visiting with friends in the uberchic Red Hook district of Brooklyn, New York. While in New York I called upon the Outlet Shop of Odegard Carpets. I found a lovely ‘Youngtse’ quality carpet – 100knot Tibetan weave (crossed), handspun Himalayan wool, et cetera, in a palette that all but said: The Ruggist. It now lives in my bedroom. A short time later – while making arrangements to ship the aforementioned carpet home, I decided to have a ‘final’ browse through the firm’s online inventory, just to ‘make sure it was the right decision’. It was as though I was in fact no different than the average decorative carpet consumer: unsure, in need of a bit of hand holding. But then, as if an apparition of rug purchases future materialized in my living room delivering a cautionary tale, I realized – as every casual rug consumer, aficionado, collector, or otherwise should – that I should just buy what I love. And I loved what I saw on the screen before me: ‘Gorden Tiger’. Rrrrrraaawwwwr!

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Over Coffee with Lucy Upward, Editor of Cover Magazine at Jan Kath. | The Ruggist.

Zum Kaffee mit Lucy Upward | Bochum

The Ruggist and Cover editor Lucy Upward talk art, carpets, and context during Jan Kath's 'A Family Affair.'

‘As long as you think it could work and that anyone would be interested.’ was the affirmative reply I received from Lucy Upward, Editor of COVER Magazine, when asked if she would be willing to be interviewed as part of my series ‘Over Coffee’. ‘We’ll do it over afternoon coffee at Jan Kath’s during ‘A Family Affair’ I replied, ‘I think it has the potential to be quite interesting. It will be a fun exploration of our thoughts, handfulls of people will find it enjoyable. Handfulls!!’ I concluded. ‘Handfuls. At least ten (10)… .’ Lucy replied. And so it was decided that we would sit down and chat while Lucy and I were both in attendance at the second annual ‘A Family Affair’, graciously hosted by Jan Kath, his eponymous firm, and the extended and diverse global Jan Kath family – in both the literal and figurative sense.

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