‘Perfume’ – The Stephanie Odegard Collection

‘Perfume’ – Designed in collaboration with Mira Lehr for The Stephanie Odegard Collection

The Stephanie Odegard Collection recently added dramatic new designs to the popular ‘Artists Collection’, including the standout ‘Perfume’ as designed in collaboration with artist Mira Lehr. Ms. Lehr’s oeuvre is known to incorporate a wide range of botanical and floral themes which also happen to resonate nicely with the well established Odegard aesthetic. In fact, the new designs harken us back to the early rug and carpet designs of Odegard while simultaneously remaining fresh and relevant to today’s market. It’s unfortunate I was not able to stop in to the showroom when I was last in New York to see these designs for myself, but no bother. The colour composition and balance of this carpet are exemplary with the pops of pink and clementine adding real vibrance and energy to the composition. I personally find the mauve colour a bit nauseating individually, but collectively it completes the entire piece much the same way ambergris completes a fine perfume. Now to find a stunning kidney shaped button tufted sofa in lush velvet to use with this carpet. Enjoy!!