Hypocrisy! It’s not just for the common folk….
Hypocrisy! It’s not just for the common folk….

Hypocrisy! It’s not just for the common folk….

Today The Ruggist comes to you with his head hung low in shame, for you see, I’ve had a revelation. Two weekends ago I was doing some much needed work around the house and unrolled one of our rugs that had just come back from the cleaners. “Oh this looks great!” I said, marveling that most of the stains from the water leak had been removed. “No need to have it overdyed after all” At this point, my husband dutifully points out “For someone who goes on and on about beige rugs is it not a bit ironic that you have one?” There was a brief moment of silence. “*@$#^!!” I said “I’ll be damned!” And so there you have it. The Ruggist is a closeted beige rug lover. But in my defense, I, um, bought it when I was younger and didn’t know better. Yes! Yes! That’s it!!
*Sigh* The truth of the matter is that I do love my beige rug. It was my second rug purchase. It is a Nima Quality 8×10 rug from Odegard of the design “Desert”. It has and continues to serve me well, having survived countless pet urine encounters, and now a massive water leak. A true testiment to quality construction. It can be seen below!
But we’ve not come here today to belabor beige rugs or to subject you to my, oh, self-described but in actuality not so esoteric, taste in this particular rug. We’ve come here today so that I may publicly say that even though I complain about the lack of colour in rugs, Beige is in fact a colour. Furthermore to my dear friend Ryan Higgins at Tamarian (said with the long a) I say “Mea Culpa”.
Speaking of Ryan. Did you know his birthday is fast approaching? He is going to be the same age as The Ruggist if only for a few brief months, and he would like a birthday present! He has asked all of his friends (including presumably me if I am the “fill-in-the-blank blogger guy”) to give him a present and for us to ask our friends to give him a present as well! What does he want?” To quote….
“For my birthday, there is nothing more I would like to do than pass on what has so graciously been provided to me…a comfortable life.” Well said Mr. Higgins. I for one always remember that we are so very lucky to be able to worry about such trivial things as beige rugs. That triviality is the very reason I treat work and life so irreverently. He then continues…
“I have all that stuff I need, so to make me happy, please send a donation to charity:water. Water is the building block of life. As a Pisces, I need water to survive, but wait–so does everyone! 100% of your (tax deductible) donation will go to providing clean drinking H2O to people who do not have access and suffer for it. $5000 builds a well, and over the last 2 years I have personally donated $2500.  One well provides drinking water [for] hundreds of people!  Instead of waiting another 2 years to meet my goal of one well, I am asking you to help me expedite the process, and tack on a little extra for good measure.
A few side notes…I went to high school with the founder, Scott and he has done a selfless and amazing job throughout the last few years in creating a model to help those in the world who have the least. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and PS, if you’re not sure how much you can donate, consider how much may have been spent in one night of drinking with the Higgler…I’m not asking for THAT much, but just consider it. Also, consider forwarding this on to other charitable minded individuals as yourselves. Thanks so much!”
I think we can all give a little to help Ryan with his birthday wish, don’t you? Donate today by following this link: http://mycharitywater.org/thehiggler
Thank you for reading and be sure to tell Ryan that the blogger guy sent you.
Michael Christie