Dirt Carpets and Speaking Engagements!
Dirt Carpets and Speaking Engagements!

Dirt Carpets and Speaking Engagements!

A few weeks ago I was sitting keeping my husband company as he enjoyed a refreshing rinse off shower after an afternoon and early evening of taking sweat inducing, and toxin removing, saunas. I know what you are thinking: “The Ruggist sweats if it is over twenty-two (22) celsius (seventy-two (72) fahrenheit), why in the name of all things good and decent would he willingly go into a room that is seventy-five (75) celsius (one hundred sixty-seven (167) fahrenheit)?” Well you are right to ask such things, and truthfully the sauna was not my idea. It was my husband’s. And it only took him about eight (8) years of, how does one diplomatically say this, nagging me to get one built. I converted an old farm shed at our cottage into a wonderful wood fired sauna constructed using a reclaimed wood stove from Kijiji, a hearth built of old landscaping bricks from our yard, and cedar sourced from the family wood lots in New Brunswick. All and all, it was locally sourced, and takes a holistic approach to sustainable building. But I am getting way off topic. The point was to be that he got the sauna he always wanted, and I enjoy it more than I could even have possibly imagined. So returning to the story at hand, I was keeping him company and we were talking about various things, including “The Ruggist”, which led to the following exchange of dialog:

Me: Maybe The Ruggist should start doing podcasts?
Him: No one wants to hear you ramble on and on like you do.
Me: (Interjecting) What? I’m known for being concise[!]
Him: No you’re not! Besides, if someone wants to hear you talk and ramble on about that rug stuff you go on and on about, they can pay to put you on a plane and fly you someplace and then pay to listen.
Me: Oh? I’m joining the speakers circuit now am I?
Him: Might make sense to finally make some money from that blog……

With that, I Michael A.C. Christie, in conjunction with my newly formed production company White Elephant Enterprises present for your consideration: “The Ruggist”: Live and Uncensored!” Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman, now you, yes you, can now have me speak live and in person at your next (rug related) event. I do jokes! I wear outlandishly bright green jackets! I drink on stage! I talk seemingly randomly about esoteric topics in the rug industry. I’ll even let you pick the topic, but not the commentary!! So if you’re in the market for a lively and animated key note speaker, call now! Mention booking code: ITALK4U for a ten percent (10%) discount!
And now for something completely different….
The other day I was walking along the Historic Properties here in my beloved Halifax and as I passed Gallery Page and Strange (an art gallery that I infrequent…) I was drawn to this installation I could see from the street. 
Dirt Floor by Cal Lane – Overview
Dirt Floor by Cal Lane – Detail
This is an installation by Cal Lane from her “Dirt Works” series. Her body of work is focused around, for lack of my ability to better describe it, large metal stencils, made from a variety of commonplace and purpose made metal objects. In this case, one of her pieces is used as a stencil to create a wonderful, if not ephemeral carpet made of dirt. I love it. It reminds me of the work of “We Make Carpets” and perhaps in the future Ms. Lane will have a chance to work with the collective. In any event, it caught my eye and I thought you might enjoy!