Annual GoodWeave Raffle!
Annual GoodWeave Raffle!

Annual GoodWeave Raffle!

As you all know I am supporter of GoodWeave (nee RugMark) and have over the years strongly encouraged many in the rug industry to join them in their efforts to end illegal child labour. In fact, one could rightly say I have – at times – been a little in your face about it which of course I cannot deny as the truth. I have also been around the rug industry for a while (admittedly not as long as some) and have, and I say this without being arrogant, developed quite a reputation as “The Ruggist”.
So what happens when a relative newcomer to the rug industry has her first encounter with “The Ruggist”? She elicits the following thought if only in my head: “She has no ideal who I think I am, does she?” I say all of this in jest though as I am always welcoming to anyone who would foolishly become involved in the business we call rugs. With that, let us all welcome Terri Kaufman as the Director of Marketing and Communications for GoodWeave USA. Welcome!!
So what did Terri do to garner the attention of an entire blog post? She asked “The Ruggist” to help promote the ongoing Annual GoodWeave Rug Raffle and so here we are. But I was literally shocked to find out (as is evidenced by the opening paragraph in her email to me – see below) that my blog is apparently not required reading over at GoodWeave Headquarters. Hmmm. We might need to look into that might we now? But, as usual, I digress. So here’s the pitch and the gratuitous plug for an organization that I feel does great work! Comments in orange courtesy of yours truly.
“Hi Michael. I was at the New York International Carpet Show last week, and one of our GoodWeave USA rug importer licensees (I wonder who it was?) suggested I let you and your readers know about our annual raffle. I was thinking your blog readers would love to know (I think some of my readers would take exception to this thought, but what do they know?) that during the remainder of September, they can enter a raffle to win a very luxurious rug and help a great cause!”
“Fruits of Labor,” a gorgeous limited edition rug inspired by GoodWeave’s mission of child-labor-free, was designed by graphic artist Milton Glaser, known for his iconic I ♥ NY logo. The 8′ x 10′ carpet made by Lapchi is handcrafted using 80% silk mixed with pure Tibetan wool, and retails for $12,800.
“Fruits of Labour” by Milton Glaser for Lapchi
Visit to buy your raffle tickets.
Raffle tickets are only $25 each, and for every $100 you donate, you receive 1 free raffle ticket. Tickets will be sold through September 30; the drawing will be held by Lapchi in October and you don’t have to be present to win. Proceeds from the raffle benefit GoodWeave USA, a nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of kids in South Asian countries—some of whom are sold into labor at ages when our kids in the U.S. are in kindergarten or elementary school! GoodWeave certifies and labels hand-woven rugs from Nepal, India, and Afghanistan that are produced child-labor-free.
Proceeds from the raffle benefit GoodWeave.
Good luck! Thank you and good-bye.