And now for something a little light…
And now for something a little light…

And now for something a little light…

Good day fellow rug denizens! “The Ruggist” comes to you today to share a little light hearted fare before we get into the thick of the autumnal rug and carpet season; and what better way than with eye candy. “Oh dear!” you are surely thinking to yourself, “What could “The Ruggist” possible give us as eye candy? “Will it be the most beautiful rug in the world? Of course not, “The Ruggist” would never be so bold as to declare something “the most”, or would I? Meh, it is of no concern today as the eye candy I bring you is not of rugs or carpets, but is of attractive men! **collective sigh** “Oh dear!” you repeat, “Not this again…..” Yes I am afraid, here we go again.
Without doubt you know of Jan Kath and his beautiful – acclaimed by critics as revolutionary – rugs and carpets. He, like his rugs, is also rather easy on the eyes, but he is also, in my (not so) humble opinion the best at creating sexy rug advertising. Just look at him (oh and his carpet) laying there with that come hither look in is eyes. Sex sells (as advertising executives would have us believe) and ladies (predominantly) and gentleman (say 10% of you give or take) this man has been creating sexy advertising (to complement the exceptionally crafted and designed rugs) for as long as I remember.
Jan Kath
Maybe it is my particular fondness for all things Teutonic (I also drive two (2) Volkswagens and I love, love, love, Berlin!), but Jurgen Dahlmanns of Rug Star is also quite pleasing to the eye, as are of course his carpets. He’s bit more rugged looking than Jan (maybe that is your thing), but just like all things aesthetic, beauty – as is said – is in the eye of the beholder. His carpets are inspired, inspiring, quite vivid, and I do find him a bit bolder in his advertising than Mr. Kath, hmmm, it must be that beard.
 Jurgen Dahlmanns
Speaking of attractive rug men: I was tempted to put a photo of myself in here to be a bit a cheeky, but let us be serious, I would not want to outclass these fine gentleman. Oh what the heck, they are good looking enough not to be too intimidated. Plus it will serve as a great introduction for the final photo! Taken on Christmas Day 1996, I present my sexy younger self. No rug advertising, no sexy comments, just young me before there was any glimmer of “The Ruggist”.
Michael A.C. Christie (1996)
And for comparison. “The Ruggist” now. Hmm. Seems as though I lost some hair, found some glasses, and developed an irrational love of the industry which we call rugs!
Michael A.C. Christie (2012)
And now, in the spirit of photos from the past, I’ve saved the best for last. This unnamed but widely known and respected rug dealer is a few years [exact number redacted] older than when this photo was takin in 1977, but he is just as good looking now. The style of his authentic vintage hotness is clearly making a comeback (see Mr. Dahlmanns’ photo above), but he’s no Instagram made over man, no he’s the real deal! Who is he? You’ll have to guess, but suffice it to say I’d have him design my floor(ing) any day.
Unnamed Rug Man (1977)
I hope you enjoyed today’s light hearted fare. Thank you and good bye.