Shameless Plug and Endorsement

While those of us on this side of the pond are enjoying the spoils of New York and the New York International Carpet Show (NYICS), our more prim and proper friends in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, are doing those things that they do, which I presume to be eating tea and crumpets, drinking champagne, and keeping their children safe from ravenous hords of blood thirsty Corgis wandering the countryside. I’ve also recently (as in on Monday morning) learned, that you can apparently sustain yourself on just Guinness alone, and given the stories of some lively sunday night NYICS parties, it seems many rug dealers may be attempting to do just that. But I digress.
The other side of the pond is home to a lovely rug company by the name of Knots Rugs who make some very beautiful carpets, one of which “English Rose” is currently a finalist in the Elle Decoration British Design Awards. (Full Disclosure: Bonnie Sutton of Knots Rugs is a friend of The Ruggist). Please do be kind and throw some support behind a friend by voting for their rug by following this link: Feel free to vote for other great design ideas as well, but be sure “English Rose” is one of your three selections. 
“English Rose” by Knots Rugs shown in colour “Blush”
Thank you for reading and good-bye.