Dennis Dodds Speaks Out! (Sensationalized)
Dennis Dodds Speaks Out! (Sensationalized)

Dennis Dodds Speaks Out! (Sensationalized)

The following is an email “The Ruggist” received from Dennis Dodds, in reference to my last blog post: NYICS and “The Rug Show” Review – Part 3. It has been published in it’s entirety here for your review. This was not a scheduled post, so please come back soon for our piece on Copyright. Cheers!
P.S. – I agree with Dennis 100% that the person who commented on Part 2 was off base in his assessment of the rugs and carpets at NYICS. Here’s Dennis’ email.
“…But that’s not saying too much since I quickly got bored by all of the grey and beige contemporary crap out there…”

Dear Michael,
I am grateful for the anonymous poster’s remarks about the professional look and organization of NYICS. A lot of time and effort by me and many subcontractors goes into producing a highly-regarded event like NYICS and I welcome the writer’s insights, as I welcome yours.
We are currently working on another great venue and a fantastic show for 2013 that continues NYICS’ reputation in this field for nearly a decade.
As for the carpets at NYICS in September, maybe these good folks didn’t have time to see all the fabulous booths at NYICS. There were so many great looks, new introductions and strong collections that I can understand how things might get overlooked.
But NYICS is known for its dynamic product diversity and fresh looks that respond to an elevated standard of marketability at the high-end. And, according to many who are much more prescient and knowledgeable about this industry than I am, this is where the strength of the market is today. And it is likely to get even stronger as we extend our reach into the home fashions channels in the next decade.
So, for the record — and for convenience — I copied images of several carpets from our website that were on view during this year’s show. Each is exciting in its imaginative concept, rich and varied palette and texture. Note that color is dominant.
Let’s take a quick tour of this colorful array (and this is only a sample from many more that were at the show).
They are (in order) from: Zollanvari, Tibet Rug Company, Gary Cruz Studio, Woven Legends, Michaelian & Kohlberg, Wool & Silk, The New England Collection, French Accents, Amici, Creative Matters, Kalaty, Tamarian, Ebisons Harounian, JD Staron Galleries and D&K Wholesale.
I don’t know if you can, or want to, print this, but you may if you wish.
Dennis Dodds
Founder and Owner, NYICS, LLC

Tibet Rug Company 
Gray Cruz
Woven Legends
Michaelian & Kohlberg
Wool and Silk
The New England Collection
 French Accents
 Creative Matters
Ebisons Harounian
JD Staron Galleries