ICOC in Washington, DC

The 13th installment of the ICOC will take place 6 August – 9 August 2015 at the new Textile Museum in Washington, DC. Registration is still open for this must attend event (assuming you are a collector and aficionado of fine handmade carpets of the so-called traditional sort) with the full Conference Program including speakers, topics and schedules available online at: www.icoc-orientalrugs.org. The immensely popular Dealer Fair is open to the public free of charge.  
Talish – 1850 4’0″ x 4’8″ 
Dennis Dodds, whom many of you will know as the Founder and Former owner of the New York International Carpet Show (NYICS), is the Secretary General of the ICOC and he assures me, as he does with every installment of the ICOC that there will be plenty of amazing carpets to be seen at this year’s Conference. Such is the world of rugs where there is always something new – even if it’s old – to be seen and moreover from which to learn.
Washington’s International Hajji Baba Society exhibits seventy (70) exemplary carpets, while seventeen (17) niche-design rugs are in Georgetown, and twenty-one (21) cushion covers are at George Washington University. During the post-Conference Tour, the Philadelphia Rug & Textile Society assembles an impressive display of thirty-five (35) early tribal and village rugs at the Woven Legends Showroom.  Gallery 51 and Gail Martin Gallery also sponsor exhibitions and receptions in Philadelphia and New York.
Sponsors of events and activities during the 13th ICOC include: Austria Auction Company, Vienna; Bukowskis Auction House, Stockholm; Carpet Collector Magazine, Hamburg; and Christie’s Auction House, New York and London.
Register now and celebrate the long-awaited, new home of The Textile Museum and its inaugural exhibition of magnificent carpets and textiles.