The Ruggist: Now in More Places!
The Ruggist: Now in More Places!

The Ruggist: Now in More Places!

Ladies and gentlemen of the world of rugs and other ardent consumers of the esoteric niche of rug industry press I bring you great and joyous news!! ‘What’s that?’ you ask. ‘I had no idea such a thing even existed.’ Well I can assure you it does and I can also assure you that we (both in Royal and plural meaning) take what we do seriously, earnestly, and speaking at least for myself, with a passionate desire for people to enjoy what I write. Finding the correct and consistent voice can be challenging (especially considering I have no formal training as a writer) but my love of rugs and carpets coupled with an apparent keen eye and expertise have always served me (well or otherwise) in providing content I consider relevant. For the most part…

Michael A.C. Christie – The Ruggist – Presents….

With that, and in conjunction with I am pleased to announce that I will be joining the Editorial Staff of as a regular contributor collaborating on articles and features of mutual interest. My first article for will be a review and coverage of this year’s New York International Carpet Show (NYICS), which takes place 19-21 September 2015 at New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion.

I was first introduced to Peter Woodaman – Editor and Publisher of – by a mutual friend and was pleased to learn that I also share Peter’s desire to see expanded online coverage of the rug industry. Through a series of conversations over the course of the spring and summer of 2015 we decided to begin a collaborative relationship that we feel will benefit both of our traditional audiences. Readers of both websites will begin to notice an increase in editorial content on courtesy of your’s truly with broader news content from provided to The Ruggist in return. It should be noted however, that both websites will maintain their own editorial standards and ownership.

‘What better show to begin working together than the New York International Carpet Show? He [Michael] has been writing about it for years – going back to its days at the Armoury – so it just seemed like the perfect place to start.’ said Peter Woodaman of the collaboration, ‘Plus people are really looking forward to this year’s show.’

This year marks the first for the show under the stewardship of new owner Murtaza Ahmadi and features an impressive exhibitor list of both venerable rug companies and those at the vanguard of the industry. is pleased to be in partnership with the NYICS and will be bringing you full coverage of the show online courtesy of The Ruggist.

So what does this mean for the highly coveted and most read articles that are The Ruggist’s reviews of shows? The same as it always has: The Ruggist will tell you how he sees it, just with more breadth and depth to our coverage. To find out what that means, you’ll have to join and after the New York International Carpet Show (NYICS) to find out!

For the most up to the moment* coverage of the New York International Carpet Show you can engage with The Ruggist on social media via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. See you at the show… …or online!