Menagerie | New Moon
Menagerie | New Moon

Menagerie | New Moon

If you were to follow The Ruggist on Instagram or Facebook you would know that we regularly share images of rugs and carpets that catch our eye. It’s a moment by up to the moment* album that not only illustrates the mood of the day but also highlights what is being made and promoted in the world of rugs. Menagerie was one such feature, but the carpet was deserving of more…

The original 'Menagerie' shown in colour 'Bohemia' by New Moon. | Image courtesy of New Moon.
The original ‘Menagerie’ shown in colour ‘Bohemia’ by New Moon. | Image courtesy of New Moon.

What is most interesting about ‘Menagerie’ is the overall composition and juxtaposition utilizing elements that are, in reality, quite texturally distinct. Large and looming elephants with their eraser like skin. Pouncing Cheetahs with ostentatiously soft and contemporaneously verboten pelts. Peacocks with wispy and delicate feathers. Verdant and fern like foliage swaying gently in a cool forest breeze. All of these elements rendered and re-imagined in luscious and variable combinations of Tibetan wool, silk, and natural nettle fibres.

The beige (or tan according to the official description) all Tibetan wool field serves – as a neutral most often should – as the soothing backdrop to a vibrant palette featuring forty-five (45) different colours. Ebony birds in silhouette and the coral adornments on the elephant give the composition that little bit of pop and poison indicative of all great design. The overall colouration is far more veldt like than jungle, but the scene retains a somewhat magical quality owing to the perfectly balanced hues of pewter, red, grey-blue, chocolate brown, soft gold, apricot, coral, dusty lavender, plum, forest green, lime green, teal and sky blue, to name but a few.

‘Menagerie’ is knotted in Nepal of a blend of Tibetan wool, silk, and nettle in New Moon’s ‘true’ 100 knot quality and is priced at $XX,XXX (USD) retail for a 9×12 carpet. Available wherever New Moon carpets can be found.

EDITORS NOTE: The pricing information formerly included in this article dated 14 December 2015 was removed at the request of New Moon Rugs on 2 May 2019. Apparently people reading articles cannot parse the date of the article nor fathom a price may have changed in three and a half years.