Dos and Don’ts – Today a don’t….
Dos and Don’ts – Today a don’t….

Dos and Don’ts – Today a don’t….

Last night while I was reading the current issue of COVER Magazine on the iPad I commented aloud that “It was actually very nice.” to read on the device. The formatting, the swiping to change pages, et cetera was all quite dandy and I was really enjoying it. Nicholas walks over (as he heard me), looks down at the screen (as shown below), and says “They use stock photography”.
Advertisement for Theko in COVER
A brief conversation involving phrases such as “Oh Really?”, “Don’t rush me I am trying to find the image!”, and “This is why I do not use stock photography.” ensued. After a relatively quick search, Nicholas loads up the website CREW and finds this page (as shown below).
Screenshot of CREW Website
“So God Made a Gay Man” may not be the message that Theko was trying to convey, or maybe it is/was considering the advert was themed around being one of a kind, but then again how original can it be if the same photograph is promoting multiple products? I won’t bore you with endless babble about dos and don’ts today but let’s just say it is perhaps best to shoot your own photography.
Footnote: The image can also be found in use: Here. and Here (Stock Company).
Enjoy your week! Thank you and goodbye.