Proper Names | Monologue

In apparent reaction to the redeveloping tone and stance of The Ruggist, I was asked recently what things I think are imperative for the rug industry to change during these times of Covid. After the paramount and equal concerns of humanity and environment, foremost is that we must embrace honesty. Advertising and marketing, salesmanship, and yes of course my own critique of rugs and carpets must not only welcome the truth, but must also champion it above what is often not-so-politely called ‘bullshit.’ That era my friends has past; unfortunate as that may be as I myself have been know to write some great bee-ess.

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New Era | Monologue

Reflecting upon this moment in history, and moreover the demands it has placed on all of humanity, it has become clear we truly have little idea how to take care of ourselves. Yes, it is true we marginally know how to take care of some of it, but we unequivocally do not know how to take care of the disparate demands of society, civilization, and the individual. Look around with open eyes and that much is clear. Thus, for those who choose to work in the rug and carpet trade, there is – and perhaps there always was – a moral imperative to craft a luxurious product which respects not only the humans involved, but also the planet; the two are inextricably intertwined.

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Upside Down | Monologue

Certainly there will be those who cling to what has been, to power structures that favour themselves, to systematically unfair labour practices, to a world in which luxury wares such as handknotted rugs and carpets are often made as inexpensively as possible to thus ensure maximum exploitive profit for a select few. These ideas belong to some elitist elysian days of the past no longer suitable for modern man. This is now the raison d’être of The Ruggist, to align with those who see a different – and better – path forward. I look forward to sharing with you what I uncover on this journey of discovery. Godspeed.

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Brave Conversations | Over Coffee

What began as a coffee curiosity transformed my perspective on rugs and carpets.

It began innocently enough as I was preparing in May of 2018 to travel to Portland, Oregon to observe and document the making of ‘Intimacy Portland,’ a joint project between Christiane Millinger Handmade Rugs and Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns. I was conducting field research for the article and eventual presentation ‘Inside Intimacy Portland’ for Rug Insider Magazine and – as one did in 2018 and still does in 2020 – I was browsing the titles available for download on Netflix; plane travel after all can be notoriously monotonous. One documentary quickly caught my attention: ‘Coffee for All,’ or ‘Caffè Sospeso’ as originally titled. I downloaded it partially out of sincere interest, partially out of the serendipitous nature of traveling to a renown coffee mecca: Portland, Oregon. The short film proved to be the entrée which has refocused my life.

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Fruition | Handknotted Nylon Part 5 of 5

Feedback, caveats, and the quest to learn more highlight the introduction of 'Nylon Engulfed.'

To explore the creation of a new product is to take a step away from what has been into the unknown, the perhaps unfathomable, the hitherto unrealized. It requires a degree of modernism and a progressive mindset insomuch that conservatism simply tends to favour the status quo. With that comes a degree of irony associated with rug makers of today who while immediately embracing the aesthetics du jour, also favour steadfast traditional techniques even at the expense of efficacy and efficiency, socio-economic concerns, and as is relevant to ‘Nylon Engulfed’ the prototype handknotted carpet made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon, contemporary environmental and climatological concerns.

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